The Call of the Hunt

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Title: The Call of the Hunt
Publisher: Poor Bibiophiles International of Littleton, Colorado
Editor(s): John Stephenson
Type: newsletter
Date(s): November 1985 - August 1992, seventy-eight issues
Frequency: monthly
Size: letter-sized
Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
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The Call of the Hunt is a monthly Sherlockian newsletter, a primarily one-man show. It was printed on 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper on a dot-matrix printer and stapled in the upper left hand corner.

"Each issue consisted of a series of numbered paragraphs written by John Stephenson, one of the most energetic Sherlockian collectors of those days, relating every little news item that came in from his correspondence, crossed his path at the bookstores, or that he heard at Sherlockian functions. One of the best things about The Call of the Hunt was that John Stephenson didn't just let the journal be a list of new items -- he opened and closed with style, opening up his "little bookship at the corner of Church Street" at the beginning of each issue and closing it up at the end. And in between, John basically did the snail mail version of a weblog. He wrote briefly of visits to other Sherlockians, things that happened at the BSI dinner, and all sorts of things." [1]