The Breeders

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Title: 'The Breeders
Author(s): Jaerie
Date(s): 2012
Length: 13 chapters
Genre: incest, dystopia
Fandom: Hanson
External Links: The Breeders and The Breeders

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The Breeders is a Hanson fanfic by Jaerie. It was written in 2012 and features the pairing Zac Hanson/Taylor Hanson, although the two are unaware of the exact nature of their familial relationship, as they live in a dystopian society that takes a very unique approach to reproduction.

In 2018, Jaerie reposted the fic to AO3, adding the following author's note:

Hello to my regular readers! I am going to warn you that I wrote this a long time ago and it will not be what you are used to reading from me (okay so maybe it is but in a different fandom from a different time in my writing career).

For one, I went to write more of this a couple weeks ago and was HORRIFIED to see that I had written this IN FIRST PERSON. GASP. What was I thinking?! It was my first longer fic and it is unfinished. I think the last update to this was 2012? I'm posting it here because I was asked if it was still up to read and I decided I might as well move it over from its livejournal home since the rest of my fic lives here now.

SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! and I almost beg you not to read it because it has been so long since I've read it that I don't even remember how good/bad it is. I mean the IDEA is good... but... I WROTE IT IN FIRST PERSON.

Reactions and Reviews

I’m still holding out hope that one day Jaerie picks The Breeders back up and explains some of the lingering questions–not to mention that growing relationship between the brothers. This is an oddly dark and perverse story, so it certainly isn’t for everyone, but the slight incestuous aspects are actually some of the most beautiful and pure moments of it. There are few stories that I think have as much potential for greatness as this one, and it’s a shame not to see it all realized.[1]
TGet motivated, girl! I have wondered about these two many times recently! I'd love to continue to follow their building relationship as brothers and maybe more! <3
I think a lot of people love your story - certainly everybody in the group and a lot more. if you keep it going, your readers will come back. I have faith in you.[2]


The Breeders won awards in the Blank Page Awards. It is featured in the hall of fame.


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