The Black Scrolls of Rassilon (Doctor Who zine by The Northeastern Wisconsin Friends of the Doctor)

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You may be looking for The Scrolls of Rassilon. See The Black Scrolls of Rassilon for similar fanworks.

Title: The Black Scrolls of Rassilon
Publisher: The Northeastern Wisconsin Friends of the Doctor
Date(s): 1985
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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The Black Scrolls of Rassilon is a Doctor Who club zine. It has art by Nan Nelson, Patricia Griesback, Mary Schuster, Ethan Schoonver, Scott Peitsch, Brian Curtain, Doug Landwehr, Lee Ann Brueggemann, Mike Straetz, Janna Campbell, and Karla Taylor.

title page
  • Who is the Doctor (4)
  • Jon Pertwee by Nan Nelson (5)
  • The Megrale Incident by Deborah Brey (6)
  • Jelly Baby by Ethan Schoonover (23)
  • My Fondest Love by Donna Blohm Glaser (24)
  • Travel Through Time and Space (33)
  • Smoking Mirror by Nan Nelson (34)
  • U.N.I.T. by Karla Taylor (44)
  • A Time Lord's Evolution by A. Crickett (45)
  • The Mysterious Stranger by Karen M. Lee (46)
  • Welcome to Amberglow by Karla Taylor (48)
  • The Deadly Assassin by Karla Taylor (57)
  • Doctor Who Cryprograms by Alex Fenlon (58)
  • The Offictial U.N.I.T. Anthem (59)
  • Dr. Who adn Cyberweapons by Alex (60)
  • The Doctor's Wish by Karla Taylor (64)
  • A Whovian Alphbet by Bruce R. Beaman (65)
  • Needlework Patterns by Patricia Griesbach (66)
  • Dr. Who Dictionary by Karla Taylor (69)
  • Deadly Assassin Word Search by Doug Landwehr (72)
  • Deja Vu by Donna Blohm Glaser (74)
  • Tardis by Ethan Schoonover (79)
  • William Hartnell (80)
  • Do-it-yourself Dr. Who Story by Karla Taylor (81)
  • The Collection of Mr. Agragon by Karla Taylor (82)
  • Doctor Who by A. Crickett (111)
  • Wirrn by (112)
  • Sir Time Lord by Karen M. Lee (113)
  • Quagmire by Brian McCarty (114)
  • Thanks for the Memories by Karen M. Lee (118)
  • The Story of the Daleks by Ann Neubauer (119)
  • DW Word Search by Debbie Brey (120)
  • Perpugilliam Brown by L.A. Brueggeman (121)
  • A Lesson in History by Donna Blohm Glaser (122)
  • Patrick Troughton (129)
  • So Long at the Fair by Karla Taylor (130)
  • Don't Forget by Karen M. Lee (156)