The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Your Cruise Director

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Interviews by Fans
Title: The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Your Cruise Director
Interviewer: The Best of Trek Fanfic
Interviewee: Your Cruise Director
Date(s): March 2000
Medium: online
Fandom(s): Star Trek: VOY and Star Trek: TOS
External Links: An Interview with Your Cruise Director; reference link
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The Best of Trek Fanfic Interview with Your Cruise Director was conducted in March 2000.

It is part of a series of nineteen interviews, see The Best of Trek Fanfic.


[On how she got started in fan fiction]: Accidentally - I thought I had invented K/S along with my best friend in junior high school. Imagine our shock when we discovered other people had beaten us to it a decade earlier. I wrote some terrible fan fiction in high school, then wrote none for years until dared to write a Kira/Odo story by a good friend. Then when Voyager came on the air, someone posted a dare to get Janeway in bed with someone before the end of "Caretaker." Who could resist such a challenge?
[On advice for other fanfic authors]: Write what you enjoy writing, when the muse strikes. Don't worry about fitting the constraints of any Pocket Books contest of anonymous fan review page or the demands of your readers. Don't get too hung up on people telling you that fan fiction can or should be a learning ground for other forms of fiction; if you want it to, fine, but there's nothing wrong with writing PWPs or ten-line episode additions or rambling alternate universe epics if that's the direction in which you feel compelled to go...I've always thought fanfiction should be for fun and to create a sense of shared community.
[What is your favorite fanfic?]: I am a great fan of early, optimistic J/C like L.R. Bowen's "Cardassian Mask," Laura Williams' stories, Melissa's stories, Claire Gabriel's alternate second season (which are posted on my web site), the operatic romance of my erstwhile writing partner Becca O, irreverent stuff like Sr. Mary Kathryn's, and a very long list of people I know from JetC and alt.startrek.creative. I'm also a longtime reader of K/S, some of which is divine and some of which is godawful. I think many fans did better by Kira and Odo than did the series, and Dukat fic is occasionally a guilty pleasure, though some of it I find deeply disturbing.
[Is there someone who inspires your writing, be it a famous person, one of the actors or another fic writer?]: Just about all the fan writers named above, plus the people published in Marshak and Culbreath's New Voyages and several of the pro Trek novelists, have inspired my fan fiction. I have occasionally written non-genre fiction borrowing the faces of actors for the starring roles. My fantasy is to write as well as Nancy Kress or Octavia Butler, in which case I would probably remove myself entirely from the Trek universe because they touch upon a lot of the same themes in extremely skillful fashion.