The Best of Inside the Old House

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Title: The Best of Inside the Old House
Publisher: Old House Publishing
Editor(s): Dale Clark
Medium: print
Size: 8 1/2 X 11 inches
Fandom: Dark Shadows
Language: English
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The Best of Inside the Old House contain reprints of stories, articles, poetry, artwork and photos from long out-of-print issues of Inside the Old House. Printed full size, (8 1/2 X 11), each volume is over 80 pages.

Issue 1

The Best of Inside the Old House 1 was published in 1992 and contains about 100 pages.

  • Friends by Marcy Robin (With Victoria Winters' arrival at Collinwood Maggie Evans makes a startling - and unnerving -- discovery about herself.)
  • A Love Remembered by Jean Graham (Within the first weeks of her arrival at Collinwood, Victoria Winters finds herself mysteriously drawn to a stranger she meets at Eagle Hill Cemetery. A stranger whose knowledge of the past -- and of Victoria's future -- set the tone for what life at Collinwood holds in store for her.) (reprinted from Inside the Old House #27)
  • A Unique Vintage by Tonya Berry (With the unwitting aid of Willie Loomis, Barnabas finds himself transported back in time -- to Collinwood as it was in 18\0 -- and a painful confrontation with his aged father.)
  • The Debt by Melody C. (Kristen Stokes watches helplessly as the dark forces which she bargained with years before return to claim her own life and forge a frightful destiny for her daughter, Hallie.)
  • Lonely Spirit by Marcy Robin (Maggie Evans and Jeff Clark return to Collinwood in order to find the peace of mind which has eluded them since the vampire Barnabas Collins' death; but what they discover are the restless spirits of the dead.)
  • other stories, photos, artwork and The Fan Page

Issue 2

The Best of Inside the Old House 2

Issue 3

The Best of Inside the Old House 3

Issue 4

The Best of Inside the Old House 4 is printed fullsize (8 1/2 X 11) with stapled binding. Over 80 pages of fan fiction and artwork that was previously published in the long running Inside the Old House fanzine. Authors in this issue include William Mann, Lori Paige, Tonya Berry, Dianne Borsenik, Jimmy Hutcheson, Dale Clark, Virginia Waldron, Jean Graham, and Geoffrey Hamell. Artwork by Mary Overstreet, Guy Haines, Warren Oddsson and Judi Boguslawski.