The Best of Filkcon West

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Filk Album
Album Title: The Best of Filkcon West (spelled "Filcon" on the front, "Filkcon" on the spine)
Producer: Off Centaur Publications
Medium: audio cassette
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The Best of Filkcon West is a filk album, recorded live at Filkon West.

cassette cover by Bjo Trimble, note the title typo


  • Jeff Rogers: Recording Engineer
  • Teri Lee: Production Manager
  • Jordin Kare: Location Engineer & Mike Holder
  • Artwork: Arlin Robins
  • Design by Bjo Trimble


Side A:

  • Obloids - [Robert Cook]
  • I Dream of Unicorns - [C. Cook]
  • Beware the Sentient Chili - [C. Weber]
  • Judith's Song - [Linda Von Braskat]
  • Ballad of Lost C'Mell - [E. Aitken] ("The Ballad of Lost C'Mell" is a science fiction novella by American writer Cordwainer Smith.)
  • You Bash the Balrog - [B. Gold] (Tolkien)
  • Woman - [Karen Willson]
  • A Long Way Home - [Cynthia McQuillin]
  • A Filker's Progress - [Gary Anderson]
  • Song of the Shieldwall - [J. Coulson]

Side B:

  • Woad - [Robert Cook]
  • Fuel to Feed the Drive - [Cynthia McQuillin]
  • Fool to Feed the Drive - [J. Kare]
  • Dragon Song - [Karen Willson]
  • 68 Chevelle - [Robert Cook]
  • Jawas Roasting - [Linda Von Braskat] (Star Wars)
  • Rosey Dawn Day - [C. Cook]
  • Fandom is Random - [Bruce Dane]
  • To Your Scattered Bodies - [C. Weber]
  • The Designer - [J. Kare]
  • A Filksinger's Lament - [J. Coulson]