The Best Friends

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Title: The Best Friends
Author(s): Crowlows19
Date(s): 14 May 2009 - 20 July 2015
Length: 124,766 words
Genre: gen
Fandom: Alex Rider
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The Best Friends is an Alex Rider story by Crowlows19.

Summary: K-Unit is about to learn that revenge, boredom, and paintball is a dangerous combination where these two best friends are concerned. Now a series of scenes about Tom and Alex's friendship in different situations.

Recs and Reviews

Starting with a chapter about Alex and Tom paintballing, this fic is a series of stories about their friendship in different situations. And my dudes, this fic did the found family trope before found family was a thing. The tone is generally light-hearted but there are serious emotional stakes. Jack/Eagle.[1]


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