The Ayala/Kim League Archive

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Name: The Ayala/Kim Leage Archive
Date(s): 11 February 2002 or before - 2009
Archivist: plainedge77
Type: slash
Fandom: Star Trek Voyager
URL: (2009)
Welcome to the Ayala Kim League1.png
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The Ayala/Kim Leage Archive was a Star Trek Voyager archive for fanfiction featuring the pairing Ayala/Kim. The site was on Geocities and it was associated with a mailing list. List mom was Cassatt.

The stories were sorted by author and each author had a separate subpage. The archive had a link section for member websites and other Star Trek related links, a "what's new" page and a gallery with pictures of the characters.

Welcome to the Ayala/Kim League

We are dedicated to writing fanfiction about two of Star Trek: Voyager's sexiest men...

Lieutenant Greg Ayala and Ensign Harry Kim

This site contains adult fanfiction involving two men AKA Slash

You must be 18 years old to read these stories.

If you aren't 18 years old or the idea of two men in a sexual relationship isn't your cup of tea

Please leave

If you are above the age of consent in your country of residence and would enjoy reading the stories our members have written

Come on in


Authors included: Cassatt, Angela, Bronte, Ellis Wonderland, Lynk34, Maxine, Shayenne, Stormraven23, VoyCaPtive.