The Anecdote

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Title: The Anecdote
Editor(s): Lisa Jenkins
Date(s): 1990
Medium: orint
Fandom: Doctor Who
Language: English
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The Anecdote is a 42-page Doctor Who zine of articles, reviews, con report, poetry, and art about Tom Baker. It contains no fiction.

Regarding a Second Issue: Brent Spiner

In Data Entries #11 (January 1991), the editor of this zine proposed a second issue, one that focused on Brent Spiner. It is unlikely that this issue was published:
This project has been approved by Brent himself (although humbly, of course!)... The Brent Spiner issue of THE ANECDOTE will be printed with the Macintosh and laser printer, possibly with artwork being scanned as well (artists take not) and spiral bound! If you're interested in knowing the price for the final project, please send a SASE.

Seeing how this zine had to have jumped through hoops to get publication permission, was to have included "many memories" for the actor, and was to be presented to him, it would be assumed that the material within would have been without controversy and would have been only complimentary.

From Data Entries #12:

I would like to extend a thanks [several fans] for sending Sases when asking
 about the fanzine THE ANECDOTE which will honor Brent Spiner, the actor. They were curious as to the final publication date of this fanzine. I wish I could say as I really don't have anything to print! So I would like to remind artists, reviewers, and others who may have met Brent at any public gathering (convention, Trek party) that I am in need of art, reviews, and articles about Brent, all written by fans. Please send submissions to my address. 1 will be extremely grateful.

Another question posed by [a fan]. "How did you get him (Brent) to approve it (the fanzine)?" By advice of many friends, I wrote a preliminary letter explaining my purpose and asking for his consent- Mr. Baker generously said yes, and a year later I sent him a complimentary copy of the final product. He wrote back a thank you note, telling me how the convention 'anecdotes' brought back so many memories for him. I am doing the same for Mr. Spiner. As he has not been to many conventions. I wish to include more reviews of his works — written by fans--and I also asked him if he would be interested in doing a minor through-the-mail interview. He declined the interview, but he consented humbly to THE ANECDOTE project.
From Data Entries #13:
I must reluctantly say that I am fairly disappointed in most of the people I've contacted. They have chosen not to re-tell theirs stories about meeting Mr. Spiner.

However, I would still like to continue with the fanzine project in a slightly different light. The concept is this -- a fictional zine relying on stories about characters portrayed by Brent Spiner. Characters such as Bob Wheeler of Night Court, Leonard Junger of Rent Control, Franz and Dennis of Sunday in the Park with George , or any other character portrayed by Spiner -- step into the spotlight with their own stories, serious or humorous, long or short. Crossovers are welcome too! What if Bob Wheeler suddenly found himself facing the intergalactic android? What would happen if Franz met Dennis in between acts? Let your imaginations to!

This fanzine will still be honoring Brent as an actor. I still want articles and reviews of Spiner's works, written by fans. Convention and personal appearance reports are still welcome. I would appreciate any artists to contribute their renditions of Spiner's characters, including Data.