The Academy (Forever Knight website)

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Name: The Academy
Owner/Maintainer: Cleo & Presence
Dates: 29 August 1999 - present
Type: faction site
Fandom: Forever Knight
URL: The Academy
Screen capture of the index page of The Academy's website (July 2010).
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The Academy is the eponymous website for a minor faction within Forever Knight fandom who are fans of Aristotle, a vampire who appeared in the Season Two episode, "Forward Into the Past".

Contact information is given for the two website owners, Cleo and Presence, who clearly started the site with high hopes, stating that "this is a brand new faction and we don't have much here yet. We will have fanfic on this site soon."[1] However, the site was last updated 3 October 1999, mere months after it was started.

Apart from the e-mail addresses of the owners, and a quotation about Aristotle taken from These Our Revels[2] (one of the Forever Knight tie-in novels), the only other thing on the site is a small screen capture archive, primarily focusing on Aristotle.


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