The 23-Cent Zine!

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Title: The 23-Cent Zine!
Publisher: Bill Hupe
Date(s): 1985
Size: 3 pages
Fandom: 2010 (film)
Language: English
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The 23-Cent Zine! is a 3-page story, possibly by Bill Hupe.

It is a great example of the nit-picky instructions fans sometimes had to follow to get their fiction-fix.

From an ad in Universal Translator #26: "For a legal-size SASE with the current letter rate and the equivalent in unused postage stamps, not attached, you can receive "What a Long Strange Trip It's Gonna Be,' This three-page story tells of Hal's fate after 2010, the movie. If ordering other zines, just add twenty-three cents to your check."