Testament (The Ghost and Mrs. Muir zine)

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Title: Testament
Publisher: MacWombat Press
Author(s): Linda Mooney
Cover Artist(s):
Medium: print
Size: digest-sized, 72 pages
Genre: het
Fandom: Ghost and Mrs. Muir
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Testament is a 72-page Ghost and Mrs. Muir het novel by Linda Mooney.

From the publisher: "This story picks up where 'Cry of the Wind and Wave' leaves off in Above All Else and is a lushy romantic story full of joy, passion, and poignant heartbreak. Deeply satisfied within Captain's Gregg's love, and in her love for him, Carolyn Muir begins to yearn for the one thing which he can never give her, the one thing that creates a deep and empty ache inside her that cries to be fulfilled. She longs to bear Daniel's child." [1]


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