Terok Nor (convention)

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Star Trek Convention
Name: Terok Nor
Dates: August 22-25, 1997
Location: The Radisson Edwardian in London, England
Type: fan-run
Focus: Star Trek
Founding Date:
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Terek Nor was the 44th British Star Trek Convention.

Reactions and Reviews

Situated opposite Heathrow International Airport, the hotel was an excellent location for the TEROK NOR Star Trek Convention... The Radisson offered conventioneers a high standard of accommodation (although surprisingly, not all the excellently furnished rooms had tea/coffee making facilities!), with a choice of restaurants and bars, spa and sauna, swimming pool, plus, of course, a number of conference and banqueting rooms which were put to good use as video rooms, main hall and dealers' room. Because of a certain amount of restructuring, you can find your way around the various rooms more easily than previously. So generally the Dealers' room and the dining facilities were all on the same level, whilst Ops, video rooms and the main hall were all on another. The special guests were Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar / Seela), Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn), Mark Allen Sheperd (Morn), Lolita Fatjo (pre-production co-ordinator), Diane Duane and Peter Morwood (Mr. & Mrs. Morwood) and John Carrigan (soon to be more well known for his part in the new Legionnaires film, than his usual role in stunt and star security work)... The programme on offer seemed more varied than usual; that is, the ratio of Trek videos shown against 'others' was quite low. There was a Bingo session and one of the worst efforts I think I have ever experienced in an attempt to make a comic quiz. Still, you can't win them all! John Carrigan... is also deeply involved in a film making project which, it is hoped, will be funded in part by fans. There was a display outside the dealers' room which explained about this project. Briefly, you invest an amount of money and buy one or more shares in the project. Assuming enough is made for the film to proceed, shareholders are supposed to get on-screen acknowledgement (you will be part of a huge list), a chance to appear as an extra ( walk on / walk off part), but mainly, you will be investing in a British Sci-Fi film. It was an opportunity that quite a few conventioneers decided was worthwhile, especially considering you are guaranteed to get a refund if the film fails to get made, or to make a profit... I put my money where my mouth is! Originally premiered at a convention (Concorde at the Radisson, Heathrow) a while back, the TV series was going to be called Legion, Most of the main character actors were brought centre stage as the idea was explained. All this has changed and the film (as it now is to be) will be called Legionnaires and prospective stars are being negotiated with. It all looks very promising. The Dealers' room was large but there was not a great deal of variety — books, cards, clothes etc. etc. As always at conventions there were theme parties and a fancy dress competition. There were several other competitions, but I saw no sign of anything to view and assume that these were written pieces of one kind or another which had been judged prior to the event. As always, the committee had organised things as best they could, but the inevitable delays and alterations cropped up time and time again. Unfortunately, the hotel had refused to let them have a flip chart in the lobby to give us information, so the changes and delays just happened and we had to accept and work around them whether we wanted to or not. Also I heard grumbles about the cost of the food and drink, so the McD's next door must have done some good business! Terok Nor had its fair share of first time Stewards, but there was almost no information about duties or what was expected of them, or indeed about the facilities on offer in the Stewards' Room (seldom used probably because no information had been given out and few refreshments were available.) One point I would like to mention (purely a personal observation) is that future committees take care when designing badges for attendees. Terok Nor gave no information whatsoever about the significance of colour coding and numbers etc. ... My lasting memories of this convention will probably be that so few people were dressed in uniforms (those that were in uniform were far outnumbered by those in ordinary clothing, a big disappointment for me, but possibly due to the hot weather?), and the sudden realisation of the amount of liquor consumed by many, including the special guests. Denise Crosby's signing session had to be postponed to the afternoon because she was, shall we say, too jet-lagged to meet the convention timetable! Mr. & Mrs. Morwood are also very convivial people; I just wish I was around to listen to them more, they were such fun. I must add, I did not notice anyone who became belligerent or nasty because of too much drink. [1]


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