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Name: Teni-puri[dot]net, tenipuri_dotnet
Date(s): 2005
Archivist: ?
Founder: ?
Type: Y/N/Request Fanfiction
Fandom: Prince of Tennis
URL: http://www.teni-puri.net/ (Archived); https://tenipuri-dotnet.livejournal.com/; https://tenipuri-fandom.livejournal.com/
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Teni-puri[dot]net was a website that hosted self-insert fics involving characters from Prince of Tennis. The "Dot Net" part of the name was a reference to Dream Novels, the Japanese term for fanfiction intended for reader self-insertion. There was an associated LiveJournal at tenipuri_dotnet (active 2004-2006) and later at tenipuri_fandom (active 2006-2011).

The teni-puri.net URL was last updated on September 28, 2005, and went dormant shortly afterward. Summer88 and Marishka's dream novels were hosted at Endless Dreamers starting in 2006, and on June 25, 2008 a novel was posted on Endless Dreamers that reunited many of the authors involved with both Teni-Puri Dot Net and Endless Dreamers.


What are dream novels? Dream novels are interactive novels where the readers, you, get to participate in. When accessing the dream novels, a propmt will appear and you have to enter your name according ehat the prompt says. After that, your name will appear in the novel and you may begin your dream. ^__^


1. You may request 1 novel per request and once every month.

2. You can request any character and only one per novel.

3. We will go through your request and complete it as soon as we can.

4. When requesting, please make sure that the character you want to request isn't the chosen character of the month.