Ten Percent Solution

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Title: Ten Percent Solution
Author(s): Kaye
Date(s): 2007
Genre: slash
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch/House, M.D.
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Ten Percent Solution is a slash Starsky and Hutch/House, M.D. crossover by Kaye.

Reactions and Reviews

If you haven't read this yet, are you out of your fucking MIND?!? [Rec'ing fan sweeps out of the room, lab coat flying, only to encounter the tip of Dr. House's cane, positioned specifically to trip her up...House sneers and pops a Vicodin in her honor...fade to black and blue.]. This, my dear fannish friend, is a masterpiece. [1]
Holy Mother of Pearl! That sucker's looooooooooong - 365k and no chapter breaks. [2]
She really nailed it all down, didn't she? Wonderful writer. [4]
I know absolutely nothing about the show "House", but it's really not necessary when it comes to enjoying this story. Older Starsky and Hutch, a health crisis, a lot of bad attitude and an amazing little "getting together" flashback....it's all great. Not too mention big, angry, worried Hutch. [5]

This is the third “presence of an older gay couple encourages younger couple to finally do something about that UST whizzing around all over the place” I’ve recced recently. I obviously like this genre. I should think up a nice short name for it.

I find this one appealing because the medicine is accurate, which always pleases me. The emotions are well done, and Hutch is pretty much ready to kill House by the time they figure out how to save Starsky. This is not an unusual thing for House, of course, but in this case House is actually intimidated, which is funny. House and Wilson going through Starsky’s medical records was pretty funny, too. As a romance it’s a lot less “sweet” than a lot of House/Wilson fic goes and I like that. There is nothing “sweet” about Gregory House. [6]


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