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Based on our discussion and helpful feedback on the unofficial Fanlore Discord in the #general channel, I've mocked up a version of the NQuote template that allows for creating anchors for comments and then calling back to those anchors if you quote the comment elsewhere but don't want to lose the context of it in it's original nested/hierarchical place. This would allow us to preserve the hierarchical comment chains but also let us draw out individual comments from those chains and group them into subcategories based on topic for example. (The potential usefulness of this/the need of this was brought up while trying to organise the comments on the Anne McCaffrey section of this post.) Here is my mocked up version of the template (the informational text and base of it is based on this page/template). I think currently it needs some editing/simplifying of the Key, but the template itself is pretty much done and works as intended. However if there is any thoughts/ideas on that front I am also open to hearing them! GoldenFalls (talk) 05:05, 2 November 2018 (UTC)