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Place {{TimelineInternet}} in the body of your article, where you want this timeline to appear. Please see Help:Timelines for help on editing and creating timelines, and using the EasyTimeline extension.

Notes for editing this timeline

Please note you will have to add any new data twice, once in the BarData section, and once in the PlotData section.

Please see the discussion page for more on what is included in this timeline and why.

Timeline of the internet (as relevant to fandom)

eFictionFanFiction.NetThe Wonderful World of Makebelieve852 ProspectThe Gossamer ProjectPernMUSHFurryMUCKrec.arts.anime.miscalt.tv.x-filesalt.startrek.creativealt.fan.pernLivejournalYahoo! GroupsGeoCitiesUsenet