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A second template to help visually distinguish quoted material. See Template:Quotation to draw a blue border around your quoted text.


To use, copy and paste the below:

|quote = 
|source = 
|ref = 


  1. quote = Insert quoted material here.
  2. source = Optional parameter for the source of the quote.
  3. ref = Optional parameter to add a footnoted reference for the quote. Source is required for use.


The parameter names do not need to be included, and quoted material can instead be inserted directly after the pipe (|). For example:

{{Quotation2|Quoted text here.}}

However, note the below restrictions.


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Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of owned by the folk.

-- Henry Jenkins, 1997 [1]

  1. ^ Harmon, Amy. In TV's Dull Summer Days, Plots Take Wing on the Net. The New York Times. Aug. 18, 1997. Accessed Jun. 21, 2021.

Known Issues

  • If the opening and closing braces do not appear on their own lines, paragraph breaks may not work correctly inside the quote.
  • If the quoted text contains an equals sign (e.g., in a hyperlink), the parameter name (source =) or the parameter number (1 =) needs to be included before quoted text.