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This template is used to help image uploaders record an image summary on each image they upload. See Help:Image templates and Fanlore:Image Policy for more information.

For webpage screencaps, use Template:ImageSummaryWebpage instead.


To use, copy and paste


into the image page.


  • Title: The title of the image, if applicable.
  • Description: A brief description of the contents of the image.
  • Source: Where and how the image was created: URL where the image was taken from if applicable; if the editor uploading the image scanned, screencapped or photographed something to create the image, identify what it was scanned, capped, or photographed from.
  • Date: When the image or the object depicted in the image was created
  • Copyright/Permission status: The copyright status of the work. This field accepts several case-sensitive shortcuts:
  • Location: if the image is a photograph/scan of a physical object, include where the object is located or who owns it, etc.
  • Artist: the person who created the image (if fanart) or the object depicted in the image and/or the photographer (if a photograph), depending on the type of image
  • Fandom: The name of the fandom that the image is related to.
  • Category: The Categories that the image applies to. This is usually the fandom category, such as Category:Les Misérables, or a sub-category, such as Category:Harry Potter Art.

The Template

Copyright/Permission Status: