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Title: Tell Me
Creator: Laura Shapiro
Date: February 2001
Format: digital vid
Music: Tell Me by Billie Myers
Genre: constructed reality, femslash
Fandom: Buffy
URL: streaming at the Internet Archive

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Tell Me is Laura Shapiro's first fanvid which premiered at Escapade/Escapade 2001. It was later selected by halfamoon to be part of the 2007 Vividcon show Relationships Between Women., who wrote:

I think this may have been the first vid I ever saw, before I even knew what a vid was, and Buffy/Faith is one of my all-time OTPs. I also knew I wanted to include some comparatively older vids in the show and I think this one stands the test of time, so it was an easy choice for me.[1]

Summary: It's a Slayer thing.

Recs and Reactions

I also highly recommend any of Laura Shapiro's vids -- you have to go here and follow the instructions about emailing her so that you can get the password to download them, but it's well worth the effort. "Some Fantastic" (Xander, song by Barenaked Ladies,) "Tell Me" (Faith, Buffy, song by Billie Myers,) and "Transparent" (Willow, song by Polychrome) are my favorites.[2]
Loved this one too, and was glad to see it in better quality than the bitty little frame on my monitor with compression glitches. Merryish said, "The premise - that Buffy and Faith were trying to "be" each other - was fairly obvious from the show itself, and so this one didn't really say anything to me that the show didn't." I thought it did, by emphasizing Faith's rage and pain; it didn't reveal anything surprising, but it offered a window into something we don't often see so well. Like "She's Moved On," this was an *excellent* choice of song. I don't remember much specific about the vid's technical quality, but I do remember thinking it was pretty well made. I also thought that trying to show this to anyone who wasn't a Buffy fan and didn't know that the characters switched bodies would be hopeless, because they wouldn't be able to follow the vid, but I might be wrong about that. And there's nothing wrong with a vid's only being suitable for knowledgable fans, even if I'm right.[3]


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