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You may be looking for Teleport Range.

Title: Teleport
Publisher: Blake's Rebels Productions (Blake's 7 Fan Club of Victoria, Australia)
Editor(s): Sonny Allison Collins and Anna Kozlowski
Date(s): 1980-1982
Medium: print, zine
Fandom: Blake’s 7
Language: English
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Teleport is a gen Blake's 7 anthology, a club zine with two issues.

Issue 1

Teleport 1 was published in 1980 and contains 60 pages.


  • Sonny Allison Collins, "Miracles Never Cease"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "The Skyling"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "Malediction"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "One White Feather"


  • PHOENIX, "The Federation," "Blake," "Cally," "Jenna," "Orac," "Zen," "Vila," "Gan," "Avon," "Servalan," "Travis," "The Liberator"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Space of a Second"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "Afterthought"
  • PHOENIX, "The Haunting Smile"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Avon's Thoughts-- On Hearing of the Death of Blake"
  • PHOENIX, "Two"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Cally's Cry"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Deeta"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "To Servalan"
  • PHOENIX, "It's the Life"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Soliloquoy" [sic]
  • PHOENIX, "Under Sufferance"
  • Anna Kozlowski, "Memories of Anna"
  • PHOENIX, "Wildfire Love"
  • PHOENIX, "Tarrant," "Dayna"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "The Last Step"
  • Sonny Allison Collins, "Words"
  • Anna Kozlowski, "Anna's Dying Thoughts"
  • PHOENIX, "Far Away Love"
  • onny Allison Collins, "A Memory Called Yallourn"


  • "Teleport Station, from the Editors"
  • [BBC information:] "The Federation," "Blake," "Cally," "Jenna," "Orac," "Zen," "Vila," "Gan," "Avon," "Servalan," "Travis," "The Liberator," "General Notes on Blake's Seven," "Tarrant," "Dayna"


  • PHOENIX (cover)
  • Michelle Kavazos
  • Sonny Allison Collins

Issue 2

Teleport 2 was published in 1982 and contains 60 pages.

B7 fiction:

  • Michael Clark, "Gravestone for a Telepath"
  • Moira Dahlberg & Victoria Wurth, "Anomaly" (reprinted from The Star Change)
  • Moira Dahlberg, "What?" (RPF crossover, reprinted from Standard by Seven #11 and The Star Change)
  • Moira Dahlberg, "Thoughts... Avon... after 'What?'"

Non-B7 fiction:

  • Mary Celeste, "Mary"

B7 poetry:

  • Anna Kozlowski, "Blake's 7 Parody Prayer"
  • PHOENIX, "I Am Sorry I Failed" (Z)
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Vinni (Revelations)"
  • PHOENIX, "Message to Death"
  • PHOENIX, "Lost Souls"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Poem
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "The Killing Game"
  • Monica-Marie Mitchell, "Bottle of Loyalty"
  • PHOENIX, "People Disappear Every Day"

Non-B7 poetry:

  • PHOENIX, "Non Existance"
  • PHOENIX, "Running Silent"


  • Michael McGann (front cover)
  • Michelle Kavazos
  • Sakura Allison
  • Sonny Allison Collins