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How prevalent was/is the custom of starting off a vidshow with an intro vid? Escapade used to do it, and Vividcon does, but since those are pretty much the cons I attend (plus MJ which did not have an intro vid the first time around) I don't have a sense for how common that was or is, or whether it should be mentioned here. Kass 04:04, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

The practice started actually at VVC whichever year they first did it. Previously, as far as I know, Escapade was the only show that even had an introductory spiel about please turn off cell phones, don't jump around and sing along, etc., and that came about the year after the con was held at that horrid hotel in LA. The reason being that during the show Waldo and her little entourage left pointedly and noisily in the middle of the vid that came after hers, and there were people on the sidelines dancing around and singing and talking and being super distracting, and everyone came to ME to complain. So at halftime, I said, "Don't make me come out there," and then did it at the start of the show the next year, and it kind of became tradition. Rache and Sandy noted to me that when they went to some other cons later, the vid shows were very noisy affairs with little respect for the work being shown. I honestly don't know what other cons do this now, but I assume many do. Escapade did intro vids right after the first ones for VVC but that was in conjunction with my announcements and the creation of the overflow/noisy room.--gwyn 08:09, 24 November 2008 (UTC)