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Earliest Stories: comments down thread in the lj post used as reference clarified that the earliest stories were not in THE which was first published in 1984, well after the first stories appeared. The Circuit Library as founded by Karen B did not come into existence until after the first Zebracon that included Pros - 1984 - there is a lot of info in THE issue 3 where both the con and the idea of a lending library are discussed in letters.

Editing about Cons: The link to Close Quarters as a single-fandom Pros con is the most obvious. One issue that I think the wiki might wish to address are other cons where Pros has a strong fan base. For example, there ought to be some mention of the UK convention called "Nattercon" which is hosted in May, by invitation only. This con has a strong Pros presence, although it is not devoted to Pros like Close Quarters is. Since the main publisher of Gryphon Press is the organizer of Nattercon, the link is obvious to well-connected fans, but might not be to relative newbies. Similarly, the long-running ZCon should probably be linked on to this page, since its organizers were deeply involved in Pros fandom from nearly the beginning.

On Notable Zines: In the discussion of "notable zines" it might be worthwhile to have links to pages where fans have compiled their own reviews of zines they like best.

On Notable Authors: I'm also wondering if there is any intent to list online sites created by single authors in this fandom: Kitty Fisher, Thomas, Sebastian (Zeropanic), Nell Howell, and others. Although it makes sense to run references to The Circuit Archive, this might be a good place for duplication.

First off, go ahead and add any cons, authors, links, etc. you think are appropriate! The wiki is all about getting the widest possible look at fandom, from as many viewpoints as possible. It's certainly not restricted to what's already here. :) To answer these specific things: for cons, I can definitely see adding Pros-heavy cons; links to review sites for zines sounds great; and as for authors, I think the idea is to create individual pages for notable authors, which will contain links to their pages/LJs/whatevers and a deeper/broader look at what they've done, so the overall fandom page doesn't get bogged down in particular individuals' details. (Also, you can sign your comments by clicking the second-from-the-right button at the top of the editing box, the one next to the solid bar.) --Arduinna 20:53, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Ah! I see the button you mean--once I open the Discussion page, then the "+" page, the blue buttons at the top. Sorry but I was stumped at first. Thanks for the tips on what might happen to the Pros page, too. With a little more time, I'll try to incorporate the things you've mentioned here. FJBryan, aka--FJB 21:35, 6 April 2009 (UTC)