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Name of the page and pictures

I ran into a couple of issues while fixing this article. One was that the images were broken. There were a few doujinshi for this fandom affected. I tried to find the pictures in the Fanlore server but they don't seem to be there, so I reuploaded them all (Except the back cover for "Temperature", which I couldn't find at all).

The second issue is the name. The original name of the doujinshi is "熱の在処", which in romaji it reads "Netsu no Arika". Google translate says that "Netsu no Arika" means "Where the heat is" in English. However, the article's name is "Temperature". I see it may be an adaptation to the title, or it can be that this is a more accurate translation than the Google one. In case it's the latter, then all is fine. In case it's the former, I'd like to specify it in the article and perhaps suggest a name change for the actual title of the doujinshi in romaji. If anyone with knowledge of Japanese can shed some light, I'd be grateful. -- Alpha (talk) 19:22, 19 October 2022 (UTC)