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Your mileage probably varies, but I'd be quite surprised to find a story labelled ensemble turned out to be poly. Can we turn around the description to say something like:

What defines the ensemble is its focus on a group dynamic or on several characters, regardless of what romantic relationships may or may not exist in the work. Ensemble fanworks might be gen, or contain a pairing that is not the main focus of the work, or they might be multi-pairing or poly works, or any combination of these choices. However, ensemble is sometimes used to denote specifically non-romantic gen works.

Espresso Addict 06:51, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

? Hm, I guess we've been in different corners of fandom. But I like that change; it flows better. In general, feel free to edit my clunky prose without asking - when I edit at night, things can get ugly. -the old briar pipe 07:21, 21 November 2012 (UTC)

I've added an example fanworks section, but only put in a fraction of the works that sprang to mind -- it's probably best to get a range of viewpoints as to what constitutes ensemble. In particular a range of vid examples would be good, as I get the impression ensembles might be more common in vids? And are there good artwork examples? Espresso Addict 02:27, 22 November 2012 (UTC)