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POV edit/change

Hey I think this part needs to be reworded/shortened, probably in a topic titled "why people ship this":

"Bucky and Wanda are both seen as dangerous and bad people even though they both just want to do the right thing and be good but they are so misunderstood and I feel like they could connect so deeply on that.

Bucky is trying to figure out who he is. At this point he’s not really Bucky and not really the Winter Soldier. Anyone who saw Civil War already knows his mind is unstable considering his choice at the end credit scene.

Then there’s Wanda. She lost her brother and has a strength that possibly goes beyond her own imagination. We see what that does to her in Civil War, mentally and socially. She’s guilty and practically put on house arrest because of what she’s capable of.

Despite lack of history of these two in the comics, as MCU characters I think they’re really similar. Wanda and Bucky both have had shit happen to them. They feel so much at once and are both so torn. Just think about the angst these two go through. They’re both riddled with guilt, anger, and loss. They both have Hydra in their pasts. They both have tragedy in their storylines.

And I think they would really connect over how they understand what they’re each going through. They’re not the same people they used to be. And it’s a shitty feeling knowing that they can’t do anything to go back to normal. They’re dangerous. They’re both new to the whole actual living part of life as opposed to surviving. It’s overwhelming. So they stick together.

Wanda’s only ever been a twin, an orphan, an experiment. Now she’s none of those things. She’s not a weapon of mass destruction. She’s no longer a sister. The only thing she’s sure of is the fact that she’s an Avenger.

And I bet she’s only sure of that because her team reassures her constantly especially with the whole world criticizing her every move.

Bucky’s only ever been a friend, protector, a soldier. He was stripped away of all that. So he’s thrown back into this life where the Steve he knows doesn’t need him in the way he needed him before, has to live with he information that he was a mind controlled assassin for 70 years, and that he’s still a hovering threat.

Fans like to imagine the gaps they could fill for each other.

It is rumoured to become canon due to the possibility of opening Wanda up to romance, with Bucky being one of the 'new' additions to the Avengers team who could contend."

--Harpie (talk) 22:14, 25 July 2016 (UTC)