Tales from the Dwarfside

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Title: Tales from the Dwarfside
Publisher: Time Meddlers of Los Angeles
Date(s): November 1994
Medium: print
Fandom: Red Dwarf
Language: English
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Tales from the Dwarfside is a gen Red Dwarf anthology.

  • "Homecoming" by Joshua Lou Friedman
  • "Introspection and Catharsis" by Jill Sherwin
  • "Fuschal" by Matthew G. Mitchell
  • "Hairball" by David McGorray
  • "Judgment Day" by Brenda M. Sulley
  • "The Quagaar" by Dean Kaufman
  • "Company of Heroes" by Derek Spencer & Jeff McCree
  • "Body Language" by Jim Shaun Lyon
  • Also included are an article called "Recipes from the Talky Toaster" by Dana Lynn Roberts, interior art by Deanna Bayless, and cover art by Marlys Walburger.