Tainted Water

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Tainted Water
Author(s): Charlotte Frost
Date(s): 1989
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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Tainted Water is a Kirk/Spock story by Charlotte Frost.

It was published in the print zine Off Duty #2.

The Author Comments

"I think Kirk gets drunk. Or is it Spock?

" [1]}}


"Kirk has to get Spock back to the ship without anyone seeing them after an alien drink causes symptoms of inebriation in his lover."

Reactions and Reviews

I always look forward to reading a Charlotte Frost story. There are never any loose ends left hanging, and the plot makes sense and doesn't feel too contrived, and, most important, I am always left with something to think about above and beyond the meaning of the story. Tainted Water is no exception. It is a beautiful and lovingly told story of Spock's insecurity that comes out while he is inebriated, and it made me- stop and think how often we may fail to meet a loved one's needs, never realizing because our own needs are being satisfactorily met. I love a story that makes me think, and this author's always do. [2]
The first time I read this story I had to stop after the first sentence just to laugh out loud... what an opening! I got quite a kick out of Kirk's efforts to be patient with Spock - having to humor an awake drunk can be most trying! Poor Spock's "all bark and no bite" and trying to arouse himself with his mind power was hilarious. I liked how Spock's being intoxicated let him complain aloud about the things he probably always thought but never said - not just his fear that Kirk was only "tolerating" him, but the little things like cold hands, too-long fingernails, etc. By deliberately allowing himself to get drunk in public, Spock also showed his trust in Kirk - he knew Kirk would take care of him. Wonderful story. [3]
At first I couldn't believe this story. I mean, I have never read a story in which Spock gets drunk. I thought it was funny though. The way Spock was acting was just like some friends of mine when they get drunk. Kirk handled Spock being drunk just great. I know how it can get very tiring being with a drunk person when you are sober. They can act very funny, but you must remember that to them they are just being completely serious about what they are discussing. My favorite part of the story was when Spock tries to use mind over body to become stimulated. I nearly died laughing. The story had a lot off funny scenes in it, but it also had a very serious part to it, too. Spock wasn't secure in his relationship with Kirk. He thought that Kirk only "put up with him". But after his drinking spree he should be a lot more secure in the relationship since it brought out his insecurity so that Kirk knew about it and can help him overcome it. So far, I have liked every story of Charlotte Frost's that I have read, and I hope she continues to do as good a job as she has been doing. [4]


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