TREKisM (community)

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Name: TREKisM
Date(s): 1977-?
Moderator: Vel Jaeger
Founder: Vel Jaeger
Fandom: Star Trek
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TREKisM is the Star Trek Special Interest Group (SIG) of MENSA. It published a long-running newsletter called TREKisM as well as TREKisM at Length, a zine of fiction, art and non-fiction.

From TREKisM at Length #8: "TREKisM is the Star Trek Special Interest Group (SIG) of Mensa. There are no SIG dues as such, but a subscription fee is charged to cover the cost of the newsletter: $4.00 for members of Mensa, $5.00 for non-members ($7.50 for overseas airmail for everyone). The newsletter is published quarterly, containing 32 pages of articles, stories, poetry, reviews, and whatever strikes a writer's fancy. The unofficial editorial policy is 'A little something for everybody."