TRC Lookbook

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Title: TRC Lookbook
Publisher: anneblues
Type: art portfolio
Medium: digital
Size: 19 pages
Fandom: The Raven Cycle
Language: English
External Links: gumroad
TRC Lookbook.png
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The TRC Lookbook is an art zine containing illustrations based on Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle book series.


From your fave interpretations of the ley lines magical welsh kings hunting teen punks, here comes in a pay-what-you want 19-pages long Lookbook pdf for your own digital enjoyment. You saw it online and now you can own it! Get their style or fill your device with some good old fashion.

All art was made by Anne M ( Aeroplaneblues on Tumblr)

Made with love for all of those who shown love to each piece inside. Thank you!