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Name: T'Yenta
Type: Reviewers with Pseuds
Fandoms: Star Trek:TOS
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T'Yenta is the pseud of a fan who wrote zine reviews for Universal Translator.

The name "T'Yenta" is also the name of a character in Tales of Feldman but there is NO EVIDENCE that other than using this name, there is any connection between the two things.

T'Yenta was a vicious reviewer, and perhaps took a pleasure in ruffling feathers. See their review of Storms #1.

Regarding Their Anonymity

In a personal statement in "Universal Translator" #4, T'Yenta emphasized their anonymity and stressed their real identity should be of no concern:
I appear to making some people miserable... by my very existence. To date, I have become aware of three people who are being hassled by various other people, because said various others believe that each of them is me. Please folks, cease and desist... Who I am is completely unimportant, because no one in fandom knows me anyway. I am one of the great, amorphous mass of zine readers. I have never written a LoC; I've never even ordered a zine by mail. I don't contribute fiction, poetry or artwork; I've never so much as asked a question of a Con Panel; I don't personally know anyone who is into Star Trek. I mail my submissions to 'Universal Translator' through friends of friends, cousins of friends and the occasional kid who will do anything for a quarter, including not asking me any questions. The name I write under was borrowed -- that' a nicer word than stolen -- from a minor character in a as yet little known fanzine. The author of the zine didn't seem to mind (or if she did, I didn't know about it), until she began getting compliments for my work Since she, and the other two women who are being told they are me, are all writers, I'm sure they would much prefer to hear about their own work rather than someone else's... There is a need to know [my real name] that I find offensive... If I came out of the closet as Annette Buxbaum or Marie Osmond, would it really make a difference?