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Name: Syaoran Li
李 小狼 Ri Shaoran
Occupation: student, cardcaptor
Relationships: Kinomoto Sakura (rival to love interest), Daidouji Tomoyo (friend), Hiiragizawa Eriol (rival, friend), Tsukishiro Yukito (crush)
Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
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Syaoran Li is a main character in Cardcaptor Sakura. In some releases his name is transliterated as Shaoran. In Chinese, his name translates literally to mean 'Little Wolf'.


He is a descendant of Clow Reed on his mother's side and is the youngest and only son of five children. He starts out the series as a rival in capturing the Clow Cards, and ends up as Sakura's love interest. Given his lineage and upbringing, he is a powerful magic user and is also skilled in martial arts and swordsmanship.

Syaoran is a canonically queer character. At the beginning of the series, he used to have a crush on Yukito, though some attribute his infatuation as him being drawn to Yue’s moon powers.

Syaoran is his counterpart in Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.


Syaoran was despised by fans of the Tomoyo/Sakura pairing, with some refusing to even refer to him by name or twisting his character into an abuser. They were the vocal minority, however, as most fans enjoyed watching his transition from a sour rival to a caring friend and love interest. As the series progresses and a hardworking Syaoran is shown to care for other characters, supporting Sakura in special, most fans came to root for his growth.

Ah yes, the three cardcaptor Sakura arcs:

“Syaoran warms up to Sakura” arc

“Jealous tomato Syaoran” arc

“boyfriend Syaoran” arc[1]

He is considered by many fans a bisexual disaster.[2][3][4]

Rewatching the old Card Captor Sakura anime is adorable. You can see Touya watch Syaoran have crushes on his boyfriend Yukito and then add a crush on Sakura. Literally the poor boy keeps being a blushing mess when he’s surrounded by both. Once he’s calmed down from defending Yukito’s appetite, he blushes like mad when Sakura agrees with him, it’s precious. And Touya’s just annoyed because he notices everything.[5]

Wow, I can’t believe CLAMP invented Disaster Bisexuals with Syaoran Li.[6]








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