Sword and Covington Crossroads and Merry Men

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Title: Sword
Publisher: Seer Stone Press
Editor(s): Janet P. Reedman
Date(s): 1993-1994
Medium: print zine
Fandom: multimedia, Covington Cross & Robin of Sherwood
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Roseanne Rice
both covers of issue #1

Sword is a gen multimedia flip-over multi-media zine.

The first issue contains "Sword" and "Covington Crossroads." The second issue contains "Sword" and "Merry Men."

Submission Request

flyer for issue #1, printed in Beyond Farpoint #1
From the 1993 submission request in Bill Hupe's catalog:
If you like Covington Cross, then join in on creating a brand new 'zine called The Covington Crosroads... If you like medieval settings, jousting knights, murderous highwaymen, and much more, you'll love Covington Crossroads. We are currently looking for longer stories, poetry, and possibly filks. Almost anything is welcome, but we would prefer to keep the format to nothing harder than a "R" rating. There should be a color cover, and depending on submissions, we'll go to press in late '93 or early '94. At this point, there is no deadline, it just depends on if there is enough material and interest to go to press. Don't be tardy, I have it from a good source that this series is expected to grow in popularity and excellence. There are some fantastic writers now wriing the scripts for Covington Cross, previously writing for Quantum Leap. So, don't miss the experience of submitting to Covington Crossroads; its success depends on you!

Issue 1

Sword 1 is one side, Covington Crossroads is on the other side. It was published in 1993 and contains 298 pages.

The editor notes: "It is really sad that 'Covington Cross' is off the air. Yet, it is no wonder. First, the series' time slot kept getting preempted by various infomercials, and by Ross Perot. Also, the acting by certain people (and we all know the one were talking about) was quite bad. There were many historical flaws. However, the sets were beautiful, for the most part the writing was very good, and Nigel Terry and Cherie Lunghi were brilliant. The show had so much potential. I was really angry and hurt when it went off the air! If it had gotten more of a chance, I'm sure it would have found an audience. When I attended Visions '92, the Covington Cross photos in the dealer's room were one of the hottest items..."

Sword 1 contents:

  • The Keepsake by Julie Phipps (Ladyhawke) (1)
  • Capturing the Wind by Karen A. Vittek (Robin of Sherwood alternate world) (7)
  • Reversal of Fortune by Sharon Numan (original fantasy) (34)
  • Racial Memory by Jacquie Groom (Robin of Sherwood/Darkover) (37)
  • Wisdom's Face by Ruth Dempsey (original fantasy) (40)
  • Beyond Tomorrow by Sheila A. Loraine (Robin of Sherwood alternate world) (44)
  • Mirror, Mirror by Julie Phipps (original fantasy) (68)
  • Sherwood Spirit by Jacquie Groom (Robin of Sherwood/Surgical Spirit) (70)
  • Aunt Attie Goes Visiting by Kelly Cutter (fantasy) (75)
  • Ask a Silly Question by Frank O. Dodge (fantasy) (67)
  • Again at Exmoor Abbey by Frank O. Dodge (fantasy) (80)
  • Nixed (Robin of Sherwood) by Katareya (83)
  • As the Wheel Turns by Mickie Belcher (Robin of Sherwood article) (88)
  • Mum's the Word by Hilda Marshall (modern mummers play) (92)
  • And You Call this Archaeology by Julie Phipps and Janet P. Reedman (Robin of Sherwood article) (96)
  • Robin Hood, the Legend Continues by Michelle Housum (118) (Robin of Sherwood alternate world)
  • poetry by Reedman, Mickie Belcher, Lydia Langstaff, Karen Campbell, Joy Patricoski, Allison Grayhurst
  • art by Frances Quinn, Fiona M. Chaney, Frank O'Dodge, Atsuko O'Gawa, Chris Carroll

Covington Crossroads content (all Covington Cross content):

  • Crossroads, poem by Todd Parrish
  • The Quest for Nigel Terry (non-fiction) by Anna Traverso
  • Father's Lament by Gail Molnar (poetry, Sir Thomas Gray) (6)
  • Three Ravens by K.A. Marshall. (Armus returns home from the crusades and must sort out family difficulties) (7)
  • Mullens by Todd Parrish (poem, Baron John Mullens) (39)
  • Silver Needles by Sheila Schneider (Sir Thomas's son's life is threatened by an unlikely person) ( 40)
  • Wife and Lover by Todd Parrish (poem, Sir Thomas Gray) (56)
  • Trio by Todd Parrish (Thomas, Elizabeth, Brittany -- Sir Thomas must choose between memories of his dead wife and Elizabeth) (59)
  • contributor's personal information (67)
  • art by Barb Johnson, Gail Molnar (cover page), Todd Parrish, Mary Prince, Roseanne Rice (front cover)
front cover of issue #2, Frances Quinn

Issue 2

both covers of issue #2

Sword 2 is on one side. Merry Men is on the other side. It was published in 1994 and has 200 pages. The editor notes it is the second and last issue of Sword. She also writes that Merry Men is "a fanzine which contains stories based on the other roles played by the actors in the series Robin of Sherwood."

Sword 2 contents:

  • front cover by Frances Quinn, back cover by Mika Routtinen, other art by Atsuko O'Gawa
  • A Well-Kept Secret by Julie Phipps (Ladyhawke) (3)
  • The Daughter of Israel by Val Douglas (Robin of Sherwood) (9)
  • Return from Avalon (Excalibur/Covington Cross) by Sue Bursztynski (29)
  • The Mountain Breed (Original Fantasy) by Frank O. Dodge (39)
  • poetry by John Loomis, Steve Sneyd, and Janet P. Reedman

Merry Men contents:

  • front cover by Frances Quinn (Max from "Son of Darkness'), inside back cover and back cover by Frances Quinn, other art by Atsuko O'Gawa, F. Chaney, B. Bolton
  • A Tangled Wed (Aspects of Love/The Other Side of Paradise (show)) by Julie Phipps (1)
  • Night of Reckoning (Nick Knight/Son of Darkness) by Janet P. Reedman and Dianne Smith (10) (reprinted from Sherwood Tunnels)
  • Letter Home (Other Side of Paradise) by Jacquie Groom (39)
  • Nightriders (Nightriders, Riders, Robin of Sherwood) by Frances Quinn (43)
  • The Corsican Brothers, Bernardo's Story by Linda Goodall (61)
  • A Rose by Any Other Name (Trelawny of the Wells) by Janet P. Reedman (71)
  • Embracing the Dark and Beauty of the Darkness (Son of Darkness) by Sheila Waters (81)
  • You Darkness (Beauty and the Beast (TV)/Son of Darkness) by Angela Twiselton (116)
  • poems by Reedman, Jacquie Groom and Frances Quinn