Sweet Thang

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Title: Sweet Thang
Author(s): MajaLi
Date(s): First posted: 2011-07-09
Completed: 2011-07-13
Length: 13656 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Suits
External Links: read on author's LJ
read on AO3

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Sweet Thang is a Mike/Harvey fic by MajaLi, originally written as a second fill to a sugardaddy!Harvey prompt at the Suits Meme, later posted in whole to the author's Livejournal and AO3.


Mike hates spending money on himself. Harvey, on the other hand, loves it.


This is the sort of fic that makes me flail around and squee like a crazy person. I absolutely love it – just the right amount of sweetness.[1]
This is the first fic I've ever read for this pairing. And it is perfect and utterly charming and the dialogue leaps right off the page. Very in character and expertly paced and guh, I just squealed at the revelation of Harvey's ~nakedness~ Well, it was more of a birdlike squawk, really lol. I was just linking my friend to this. Every sentence is brilliant and I love how each scene opens. I feel like I'm actually watching the show. :)[2]
So, a friend made me read this story (immediately after she made me watch all five eps) and claimed this was one of those instant-fandom classics (she had the HTML version, otherwise I'd never been able to read it). I have to say, she didn't lie. If anything, it was an understatement. This is just brilliant. The plot is great, the characterisation is even better (and by that I mean the characterisation of all characters, not just Mike and Harvey), and you've got the whole atmosphere down pat.[3]
Oh my God. This was so so so so well written and so cute and even captivating for such a short chaptered (sorta) fic. I loved every bit of it !!! <3 bookmarking immediately. Fandm fave right here.[4]
This is so sweet it breaks my heart just a little bit. Oh, your Harvey is just too lovable. And Louis - I wish I could say he and Harvey have an understanding and he wouldn't go that far, but unfortunately, I think that's really up to interpretation and I can see him feeding Harvey to the sharks. I had so much fun reading this! Snappy, believable dialogue, a really beautiful development of their relationship, and that lovely writing of yours - what's not to love?[5]


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