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Name: Supernaturalville: Unscripted Genius
Date(s): 2006 - 2013 (?)
Type: fan fiction
Fandom: Supernatural
URL:; archive link
screenshot of Supernaturalville front page
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''The goal of the site designers and Admins is to promote a higher quality of fanfiction, that while not appearing on our television screens each week, are nonetheless, inspired, original and worthy of being told. Tell us something we didn't know. Make us think. Take fanfiction to a new level of intelligence and quality. Share your genius."

Supernaturalville was a gen Supernatural fan fiction archive. It is subtitled: Unscripted Genius. It has been online since 2006. As of April 2011 it has over 3000 stories archived and over 9000 members. The archive also has a forum, The Vaults, where fans can discuss the fiction, issue challenges and vote for Fan Fiction Awards. The site also hosts the Supernatural Virtual Season.


Fan fiction is divided into the following categories (the numbers after each category represents the numbers of stories in each category as of April 5, 2011):

Types of Fiction Accepted

The archive does not accept slash or RPS adult fiction. Mature rated heterosexual romance stories are permitted, but "stories containing sexual situations involving minors- including stories of rape or sexual abuse of young Dean or young Sam- will not be accepted." The forum explains the policy in greater detail:

Pornography (IN ANY FORM) will not be allowed. Yes-we all have our fantasies - but lets keep them firmly tucked away in the privacy of our imaginations. Additionally, just like the Fiction Site - we will not allow discussions that involve SLASH, WINCEST, BROMANCE, or any other sexual relationship between the main characters that deviates from the show canon. This is not a reflection on the beliefs of the site owners, admins or moderators- however- this site is dedicated to a show about two brothers- non-romantically involved with each other or represented in anything other than a heterosexual manner. If you havent seen the interviews where Jared or Jensen have been asked about fanfic- look them up. We will continue to be respectful to the characters that Eric Kripke has created and that the actors have poured heart and soul into developing."

There are additional submission requirements:

  1. All new submissions will go through Admin for validation. Once an author's quality and dedication to the rules of submission are demonstrated, Admin will validate the author. This allows the author to post directly to the Just Added page without Admin approval.
  2. It is expected that submissions will utilize proper grammar, spelling and formatting. While Admin is not trying to be the 'grammar-nazi'- we will decline any submission that falls short of these standards.


Starting in 2008, the forums began offering Awards to writers who posted their fan fiction on the site. The ballot offers a wide variety of categories, many with amusing names or titles, often based on lines from the show. Descriptions come from the 2008 ballot.


  • The Gamble: This category is to nominate the best writers on the site for any category.
  • The Carver: Named for one of SN's newest and brightest writers -This category is for the best newcomers in the past year.
  • The Kripke: Unlike the Gamble - this is the BEST writer out there.


  • What's In the Box… The best blast from the past. That story that you can read over and over- its just that good.
  • You Only Get One Shot At It… Best One-Shot
  • Bag It and Tag It… Yep- here's the Tag category.
  • The Twilight Zone.. Best AU
  • Bring It On There Casper… Best ghost story
  • And They Said I'd Never Use Latin… Best Demon story
  • Where's the Kleenex… The story (one shot, tag, drabble, whatever) that made you choke up
  • That Was Scary… The story that has to be read with the lights on
  • DUDE!!!! Funniest story
  • They're So Cute At That Age… Best Wee!
  • Another Day - Another Wall… Best Dean story
  • Oh, Those Puppy-Dog Eyes… Best Sam story
  • Father Knows Best… Best John Story
  • That Was a Nasty Sonofabitch... Best Villian, creature, etc…
  • We Want More… Best Series with Recurring OC's
  • What's My Line… Best Script
  • Dean… Meet Alec… Best crossover
  • Love Is In the Air… Best romance
  • Under Construction… Best WIP
  • Good Things Come In Small Packages… Best Drabble
  • Best Virtual Season Episode

Random Stats

As of April 7, 2011 the top 10 most read stories were:

Abomination by Rae666
Summary: NOW COMPLETE - Sam and Dean have always been freaks, Sam found out when he was twenty two just how much of a freak he was. It wasn’t until the boys are trapped once again by the demon that they find out Dean’s little secret that none of them knew about.
Colors by Deanwinchesterfan1985
Summary: An easy hunt in Arkansas goes bad. With Sam injured and totally dependent on him, Dean fights not only to help his brother, but to overcome his own personal demons as well.
Desperately Seeking Sammy by StrigoiVii
Summary: Sam has an admirer. And Dean has a hater. How far will she, or it, go to have him, and keep him? Spoilers for pilot (Like we all haven't seen that before, right?) Spoilers for Asylum too. (We've all seen that one more then once too, right?)
Lucifer by Rae666
Summary: After millennia of evil deeds, a fallen angel is given a second chance and is reborn as a mortal. 28 years later and he’s gotten himself into a spot of bother. Spoilers throughout Season 1 & 2 and this is ending up as an AU.
Death Markers by Rae666
Summary: During a hunt concerning missing people who actually reappear, Dean ends up being kidnapped and awakens tied to what looks like a medical table, when Sam tracks him down will that be the end of it, or is the dark force in play determined to finish what it started?
Fight To The Death by Smudge93
Summary: The Winchester trap and kill a witch but she has some disturbing news for Sam before she dies. Has she hex'd his brother and if she has how does he help him? Can Sam and his father stop arguing long enough to help Dean or will their constant quarrelling be the end of him? And what will be the aftermath of it all.
Shadow Stalker by devonshire
Summary: A shortcut through the woods leaves the boys lost, seperated and hunted.
I See Dead People by StrigoiVii
Summary: Dean has a near death experience, but he doesn't come back from it entirely alone.
Westcott Prepatory Academy by adder574
Summary: Dean is diagnosed with an illness that requires long term care. This leads to the Winchesters becoming a family and getting a taste of normal or as normal as things can get for the Winchesters.
Seek and Ye Shall Find by StrigoiVii
Summary: Sam goes missing, again, and Dean has to find him. Too bad for Dean something's after him too, and it's not necessarily supernatural either.