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Are you looking for the Supernatural Virtual Season (online)

Title: Supernatural Virtual Season
Publisher: Agent With Style
Date(s): 2007-2008
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Supernatural
Language: English
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Supernatural Virtual Season is a gen digest-sized anthology. It is a compilation of the fan fiction written for the Supernatural Virtual Season (online) website.

Season One, vol 1

cover of season one, v.1, Thru Terry's Eyes

Supernatural Virtual Season One, Vol 1 was published in April 2007 and contains 216 pages.

The art is by Thru Terry's Eyes (front cover), Mina, and Kittsbud.

Summary from a distributor, Agent With Style: "In the aftermath of the crash where an 18-wheeler plowed into the Impala at the end of season one, Sam meets a stranger who may eventually become an ally, but can he really trust anyone or anything? So starts Guardian by HT Marie and Kittsbud, the first of 21 episodes that make up the Supernatural Virtual Season 1."

  • Episode 1 -- Guardian by HT Marie and Kittsbud ("In the aftermath of the crash, Sam meets a stranger who may eventually become an ally, but can he really trust anyone or anything? With Dean lying critally [sic] ill from the injuries inflicted by the demon, Sam must rely on his own intuition to save the day from dark forces that wish to control what they cannot possess. Will John and Dean make it? Just who is the stranger and what cryptic message does he bring? Heck, and what about the Impala?")
  • Episode 2 -- Overhaul by HT Marie and Tracer ("Free from the confines of the hospital and with the Impala in shambles, Dean and Sam travel to their old family friend Bobby's to regroup. With Dean still recovering from his injuries and Sam anxious to push ahead, the brothers have many obstacles to face and more than a minor overhaul of both emotional, physical, and Impala issues. Some wrecks need more than a coat of paint.")
  • Episode 3 -- Statis by Kittsbud ("When three men are literally frozen to death in their own homes, it's up to Dean and Sam to find the culprit, but what can possibly solidify a human body at -196 Celcius? The hunt is on, but just what are the Winchesters stalking? It's like no demon or spirit they, or their father has ever encountered. Does this mean its invincible?")

Season One, vol 2

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 2 was published in May 2007 and contains 227 pages.

cover of Season One, v.2

The art is by Grkgrl (front cover), Thru Terry's Eyes, Mina, and Kittsbud.

  • Episode 4 -- Swamped by HT Marie ("A paying gig is a paying gig until Dean's prized possession, his amulet necklace, ends up lost in the Louisiana swamp following a run-in with the infamous Hogzilla. The necklace is apparently not ready to be separated from its guardian, however, and the desperate mission to reunite the two leads the boys into a twisted web of conspiracy more ancient than they can imagine.")
  • Episode 5 -- Company Policy by HT Marie and Tracer ("When the head of a multi-million dollar company elicts [sic] the help of Sam and Dean, both brothers are thrust into the thriving corporate arena. In a world where leather and torn jeans are completely non-existent, the brothers search for their place within the white-collar environment while struggling to find a solution to the eerie vanishings plagueing [sic] Taliean, Inc. The Winchesters soon find that behind the mask of wealth and commerce exists a web of deceit, greed and darkest secrets, but most importantly, that every payday has its price.")
  • Episode 6 -- Golgotha by Kittsbud ("Sam and Dean inadvertantly [sic] become involved when they stumble across the story of a haunted hospital in Wisconsin. Things become more complicated, however, when Sam realizes this is no ordinary hospital, but the one their mystery priest friend named in his note. (See "Guardian" in Volume 1.) Just who is the little boy that haunts the hospital, and why has he latched onto Sam, causing painful and possibly deadly visions of a mysterious motel?")

Season One, vol 3

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 3 was published in May 2007 and contains 221 pages.

cover of season one, v.3. Grkgrl

The art is by Grkgrl (front cover), Thru Terry's Eyes, and Kittsbud.

  • Episode 7 -- Deep Waters by Kittsbud ("Something is sinking ships off the tiny coastal town of St. Michael's Bay, and it's up to Sam and Dean to figure out what! With time running out, the Winchester boys find a new ally in their quest to discover answers, but can Tim Walker lead them to their ghostly killer, or will their final boat journey take them to a very watery grave deep beneath the oceans waves?")
  • Episode 8 -- Let Go by Irismay42 ("A rash of suicides lead Sam and Dean to a small Connecticut town and the vengeful spirit of a little girl taken before her time. With the body count rising, the Winchesters must put an end to the specter's machinations before one of them becomes her next victim...")
  • Episode 9 -- Writhe by Thru Terry's Eyes ("When Dean suddenly becomes ill as he and Sam are passing through Athens, Georgia, the unplanned stop accidentally involves the brothers in a series of horrific deaths that follow a pattern of victims going back hundreds of years. Only the secrets of Sam’s desperate research can provide the key to tracking down and destroying the elusive killer before Dean becomes its latest victim.")

Season One, vol 4

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 4 was published in 2007 and contains 218 pages.

front cover of season 1, n.4, Through Terry's Eyes
sample page from season 1, n.4

The art is by Thru Terry's Eyes (front cover, and Kittsbud.

  • Episode 10 -- End Game by Kittsbud and H.T. Marie ("The Winchesters have been hunting this Demon for twenty-three years. It's the thing that killed Mom, the thing that killed Jess. Their nemesis has never had a name, until now. The answers they find, with the help of an unfortunate friend, may prove more of a curse than a blessing, however. Some evil things are far better at catching than being caught...")
  • Episode 11 -- Cult by Kittsbud and H.T. Marie ("Sam is missing and it's up to Dean and John to escape their foe's clutches and find him before it's too late. Just what does the demon plan to do with the youngest Winchester, and who are its strangely tatooed [sic] allies? The race is on -- but with a fire demon, you should always expect to get burned.")
  • Episode 12 -- Hollow by Kittsbud ("In the backwoods of Kentucky, something evil has stirred... Sam and Dean meet a young girl whose father vanished during a hunting trip. The girl tells a strange and unbelievable tale about his attacker. Now, the two intrepid brothers must discover what is killing people from the local town of Jackson, before they, too, feel the wrath of the imperceptible, carniverous [sic] creature.")

Season One, vol 5

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 5 was published in May 2007 and contains 214 pages.

front cover of season 1, v.5, Kittsbud
sample page from season 1, v.5

The art is by Kittsbud (front cover), Thru Terry's Eyes, Grkgrl88, and Mina.

  • Episode 13 -- Nocturne by Tracer ("Drawn to Dale, Pennsylvania, by reports of a mysterious illness that renders men paralyzed, Sam and Dean soon find themselves in the midst of a phenomenon unlike any they've ever witnessed. With no journal entries to help and only a mound of research for aid, the boys can only hope a clever alias and a charming demeanor can shelter them from a curse") (2)
  • Episode 14 -- Pyromania by Grkgrl88 ("Dean and Sam travel to Odon, Indiana, to investigate the puzzling death of a young man. After talking to a few of the locals, the Winchesters learn that there may be another force at work in the town -- one that wants revenge. The research doesn’t exactly fit, but Sam’s visions provide a few clues. Someone else is going to die, and the brothers need to figure out the case before time slips -- burns -- away") (57)
  • Episode 15 -- Graven Images by Irismay42 ("A paying gig leads Sam and Dean to a Pennsylvania shopping mall where apparently random customers are collapsing into near-catatonia. When his brother disappears while investigating the mall's basement, Sam begins to suspect there may be a soul-stealer at work, just as Dean wakes to discover he's not who he thought he was...") (103)

Season One, vol 6

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 6 was published in May 2007 and contains 206 pages.

cover of issue #6

The art is by Grkgrl88 (front cover), Thru Terry's Eyes, and Kittsbud.

  • Episode 16 -- Judas by Thru Terry's Eyes and Tracer ("A horrific discovery sends Sam and Dean on a terrifying race to get to the bottom of their new case. With each new clue, the brothers must face off against a town laced with secrets, sickening murders, and above all else, sibling rivalry. When brother is pitted against brother, can Sam and Dean overcome their own anger before time runs out and a Winchester falls victim to the town's haunting legend?")
  • Episode 17 -- Redemption by Kittsbud ("The story of a mysterious ghostrider in Wisconsin leads Sam and Dean to Redemption, but this is no ordinary town, and no ordinary spirit. With locals dying, and no explanation, the brothers must come face to face with both part of their past and their future, but in this town, death is just the beginining [sic]. The secret Redemption holds may well take a Winchester to the grave and beyond...")
  • Episode 18 -- Dead Man's Party by Thru Terry's Eyes ("Sam and Dean take a job trying to discover the cause of a murder-suicide at a haunted mansion where wealthy clients live out fantasy weekends. As the weekend progresses, it's a race to find the answer as the the guests turn on each other in a fenzy of history repeating itself.")

Season One, vol 7

Supernatural Virtual Season One, vol 7 was published in May 2007 and contains 166 pages.

cover of issue #7

The art is by Grkgrl88, Thru Terry's Eyes, H.T. Marie, and Kittsbud (front cover).

  • Episode 19 -- Altered by H.T. Marie ("Twenty-three years of demon hunting has built a bond between the Winchester brothers that seems unbreakable. But is there more to Dean than Sam knows? A strange visitation from the love of his life forces Sam to decide what it is he believes in.")
  • Episode 20 -- Sins of the Father by Tracer ("When their father returns to give the boys a mysterious hunt, Dean and Sam begin to question his motives and timing as series of new revelations are discovered.")
  • Episode 21 -- When the War Comes by H.T. Marie and Tracer ("Trained as soldiers, raised as hunters, the Winchesters have been preparing for twenty-three years. When the war comes, though, it's one of their own who brings it.")

Season Two, vol 1

Supernatural Virtual Season Two, vol 1 was published in 2008 and contains 218 pages.

cover of Season Two, Volume 1

The art is by Thru Terry's Eyes and Kittsbud.

  • Episode 1 -- Call to Darkness by Kittsbud and Tree66 ("Sam and Dean Winchester have battled creatures, ghosts and demons side by side for years. "Saving people, hunting things!" For over two decades, Sam Winchester has been the unwitting pawn in a demon’s master plan. For over two decades, Dean Winchester has stood by his brother’s side, protecting him at all costs. And for over two decades, John Winchester has tried to protect and prepare his sons for the battle he knew was inevitable. Now, an act of betrayal by one of their own has pitted the guardian against his charge; brother against brother; father against son.")
  • Episode 2 -- The Beast Within by Thru Terry's Eyes and Tree66 ("Could things be any worse for the Winchester men? While Sam and John desperately search for Dean, their most hated enemy has other plans in mind for the hazel-eyed hunter. Dean continues to struggle against the demon inside him while Haris pulls out all the stops. Resorting to threats, taunts and even torture, the demon is determined to sway Dean over to his evil purpose. Convinced that he has lost his father and brother, Dean is close to giving in. Mired in guilt and hopelessness, he has nothing else to live for. Meanwhile, Sam focuses on saving his brother, certain that some part of Dean was still in control despite the blackness that filled his brother’s eyes. Faced with the betrayal of a former friend, he’ll stop at nothing to get his brother back. But when the hint of a dark family secret surfaces, Sam is suspicious that there is more to the demon’s involvement than just Haris’ desire to control Sam’s powers. John Winchester is living his worse nightmare, the loss of one of his sons. Worse than death, he knows that Dean may be gone to them forever. Never one to give up, he’s determined to find his eldest and bring him back; but what will he bringing home? The young hunter that he trained and raised or a demon’s pawn bent on destroying Sam?")
  • Episode 3 -- Laura by Kittsbud ("When Kyle Williams, their would-be priest friend mysteriously vanishes, the Winchesters soon find themselves on the case. The problem is, Kyle has taken it upon himself to try and work a gig - a gig that involves an old, and very dangerous adversary of the brothers. To make matters worse, both Sam and Dean still have major issues after their experiences with Haris. Can Sam even trust Dean? Can Dean trust himself? With bodies mounting, and Sam suddenly disappearing mid-hunt, can Dean solve the puzzle and catch the killer, or will he find Sammy all-too late in the local hospital's morgue? Make a trip with the Winchesters back to California, and take a walk on the wild, gory and very chilly side of the street...")