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Name: Supernatural Virtual Season
Date(s): 2006-2009
Fandom: Supernatural
URL: [1]
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The Supernatural Virtual Season is a community based series of gen fan fiction "episodes" that diverge away from the episode Shadow which aired during the first season. Each season was divided into 'aired episodes' with authors posting their fan fiction and art according to a fictional broadcast schedule. Stories were accompanied by poster art, 'episode' music[2] and occasionally songvids.

Seasons 1-2 were completed between 2006 and 2007. Season 3 was begun in 2008 and the final season, Season 4 concluded in 2009. Eventually some of the stories featured on the virtual seasons were bound into fanzines.

From the About page:[3]

The Supernatural Virtual Season was first conceived in January 2006. A group of writers from the message forum decided to write their own version of events taking up from the original 'Supernatural' episode 'Shadow' and continuing with our own plots and story arcs from there on. As we began to work, we realized that we actually needed to split and form two seasons. One season for prose, and one for script format. The 'split' took place in late April, and work once again began on each season. This time, however, we decided to start from the season one finale, 'Devil's Trap.'
Our first seasons began in July and September respectively, and have followed the same 'airing' pattern that 'Supernatural' does. Each episode is posted on a Tuesday evening and is in four acts. An act is posted each night.
Episodes have their own poster ads, just like the real show, and each prose episode is complete with images and music.

Aired Episodes

Summaries are from the Supernatural Virtual Season website.[4]

Season One

Starting from where Devil's Trap left off, Dean and Sam travel the backroads of America searching for the thing that almost took their lives in Missouri. Along the way, they meet new allies, and even scarier new enemies. Will they find the true name of the demon that haunts their family? Will they ever know why the special children are hunted by the YED? These and many more questions are answered as the Virtual Season writers carry on the mantle created by Eric Kripke and the WB/CW Networks! Also includes the Christmas selection 2006 index!

Season Two

Taking up from the explosive season finale When The War Comes, the second Virtual Season takes the Winchesters on a new and even scarier journey. Questions will finally be answered, deals will be made, deaths will follow... Check out each new episode to follow the arc and delve into all new standalone stories!

Season Three

With Haris finally destroyed, the Winchesters think their fight is over, but soon, they learn that it has just begun...New foes and old friends come together to battle for victory in a war that could see the end of mankind. Can the Winchesters and their allies save us from our destiny? Or will Lucifer and the powers of darkness walk the earth unhindered...Join the VS for season three to find out!

Season Four

Trapped in the bowels of Stull church, the Winchesters are in the fight of their lives, but is it one they can win? With Lucifer and Mia still on the loose, and the devil's army topside, join the brothers on a trip that will take them to the very fringes of their own universe - and possibly beyond... Hang tight, and join us as the Winchesters go where probably no man has gone before!