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The popularity of Supernatural resulted in several fan-run conventions specifically devoted to the show. See also Supernatural Wiki's list of conventions, including procons as well as fan-run cons.

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Wincon or WinchesterCon is an annual fan-run convention, with no appearances by any show actors, writers, or other personnel. In 2009, the convention switched its focus to a multiple fandoms convention.

WinchestMidwest Con

A smaller convention in Chicago, Illinois also appeared in 2007 called WinchestMidwest Con. A Livejournal community for the convention has been created: winchestmidwest.


KazCon is a fan-organized event held in Lawrence, KS. The convention website is KazCon 2009 and a Livejournal community has been set up here: kazcon.


Rising Con


2008 Wincon logo
2009 Kazcon License Plate Logo