Superman (Starsky & Hutch vid)

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Title: Superman
Creator: Enednoviel
Music: "Superman" by Five for Fighting
Genre: slash, Starsky/Hutch
Fandom: Starsky & Hutch
Footage: original source material
URL: offline

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"Superman" is a Starsky & Hutch vid by Enednoviel. It is a slash vid with the pairing of Starsky/Hutch.


This vid was recommended by Laura McEwan on Crack Van on March 30, 2008: "First, she made it for me. But, that's not why I'm reccing it, just wanted to offer full disclosure. I would have recced this *anyway* because (M.) has a most fantastic, gentle hand at telling a story through the images she culls from the source. If you know anything about this show, you know about the car. And if you've watched the show, you know Hutch isn't a fan of said car. Yet he rides in it and acknowledges its importance to his partner. Now listen to the lyrics as you watch and you can see how very deep his feelings go, about himself, about his relationship with Starsky, and his silly red sheet."