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Name: Supanova Pop Culture Expo
Dates: Varies
Frequency: Held at various times annually
Location: Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, Australia
Type: pro
Focus: media fandom
Organization: Supanova Pop Culture Industries
Founding Date: 2002
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Supanova Pop Culture Expo (or Supanova) is an Australian fan convention held annually in six cities, focused on science fiction, movies, television, comic books, fantasy, trading cards, anime/manga, books, fan clubs, and more. Featuring appearances by celebrity guests and industry professionals, it is considered a "something for everyone" convention.

Convention Reports

Supanova 2023 Convention Report!!! (Adelaide) by piedivide, Tumblr, 10 November 2023 (login required).

Melbourne Supanova 2022 Recap & Review by Batwing Tensei, Youtube, 10 March 2022.