Summer Games

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Event: Special seasonal event
Participants: Summer Games
Date(s): August 2016, August 2017
Type: Video Game Event
Fandom: Overwatch
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Summer Games is an event that happens in the game Overwatch in August each year. In 2016 it ran from August 2 to August 23, and in 2017 it is set to run from August 8 to August 29.[1] Summer Games provided new content and game modes to players, which in turn spurred variation in fan content and interaction.

In regards to fandom, while Summer Games offers little in way of lore, it adds new skins and concepts for fanart and fanfic. It also introduced two maps for Lúcioball - One in Brazil and one in Sydney, Australia.

Lúcioball Game Mode

Lúcioball was the temporary game mode added for the Summer Games event. In Lúcioball, teams of three (all playing as Lúcio Correia dos Santos) play a Rocket League-esque game of soccer. It was an instant fan favourite. It was popular amongst youtube letsplayers[2] and was so well received by players that in the second summer games, a competitive mode was added.

When the 2016 summer games event ended, many fans were disappointed that Lúcioball was taken away[3] Fans expressed their desire for more Lúcioball, even just in custom games, vocally on Reddit and other forums. Shadowstorm said on the Battlenet forum:[4]

It can't hurt them to add it. The game is already lacking in modes and it's not like it would be any more work to make it permanent, and You could still have the weekly brawls.

In 2017, the Australian commentator has become a meme. His loud cries of 'what a save!' when defending your goal were quickly picked up by players.

Skins and Cosmetics

A huge amount of fanart and fanfiction has been inspired by the Summer Games content. In 2016 the theme for cosmetics was firmly rooted in Summer Games, whereas the 2017 had a beach theme.

Prior to the 2017 event, many fanartists created concept ideas for characters' skins. Examples of this are:

The most controversial skin is Jesse McCree's 2017 skin, 'Lifeguard'. In the skin, he is beardless, has blonde dyed hair and has very little body hair. The skin was a disappointment to many fans, and some even took matters into their own hands by redesigning the skin. Examples of this are:

Summer Games inspired fanworks




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