Summer's Lease

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Title: Summer's Lease
Author(s): Brandon D. Ray
Date(s): January 2000
Length: 232K / Word Count: 42,600+
Genre: NC-17, MSR
Fandom: The X-Files
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Summer's Lease is a MSR X-Files story by Brandon D. Ray.

Author's summary: "Just as Mulder and Scully have finally consummated their relationship, a man from Scully's past reappears. But will his intrusion bring the partners closer? Or drive them apart?"

Reactions and Reviews

First time fic is really a dime a dozen in our fandom, and we love every word of it. The nervousness of the first kiss, the excitement and anxiety they feel upon first touch, the mutual ‘Yes!’that rings throughout the fandom as they make love for the first time. There’s a plethora of it circling the internet, the writing spanning over the last 25 years. That’s also why we are such sluts for established MSR, fic that delves into the inner workings of their romantic relationship. It’s a little more rare.

We want to know how they make it work once they crossed that line. How did it change them? Today’s rec gives us exactly that, with a splash of an original blast from the past to mix things up a bit, and make them really realize who they are to each other.

Cheers, Philes, and happy reading! [1]


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