Such are the Gates of Paradise

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: The Gateway of the King
Author(s): Vivienne Rivers
Date(s): 1985
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
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The Gateway of the King is a Kirk/Spock story by Vivienne Rivers.

It was published in the print zine The Voice #4.

This story is part of a series: see The Voice for more information.


"At Spock's instigation, he and Kirk go to Vulcan to try and resolve the conflict in their relationship."

Reactions and Reviews


The best story in the zine "Such Are the Gates of Paradise", by Vivienne Rivers, is also the most infuriating to me. It is an interesting premise to have K&S go on tour of all the places most sacred to Vulcans, and have Spock reject what they stand for. Yet I refuse to believe that Spock would do this without any hesitation or ambivalence. We are supposed to believe that Spock never valued Vulcan, or that he's willing to give it all up for Kirk. This may seem romantic to some, but I find such a Spock very uni-dimensional. The fact that Spock hadn't communicated with his parents for years and never visited Vulcan during that time period, doesn't mean that he doesn't care about them or Vulcan. He had been in severe conflict with his father, and it would never have been quite that serious if Spock didn't care what his father thought of him. He didn't visit Vulcan because if he did, he would be duty-bound to see his parents, and because Vulcan represented a very painful set of memories for him. Again, the rejection that Spock had met with on Vulcan, would never have caused him so much pain if what other Vulcans thought of him was a matter of indifference to Spock. [1]


A really fine story, a continuation of two previous stories in THE VOICE, the first of which brought Kirk and Spock together as lovers on Organia.

Kirk and Spock are on Vulcan for shore leave, Spock has arranged it without Sarek and Amanda knowing so there will be no family obligations; they need the time to come back together after recent difficulties regarding the incident on the Defiant. Due to their lack of commitment about the bond, Spock didn't know if Kirk was alive or not, and this caused a big rift. There were also problems about command prerogatives, and they have been estranged since then, haven't made love in three weeks. Very beautiful tension-filled scenes of almost getting close.

Their dialogue feels very authentic, as do the difficulties that are now coming up after their four years as lovers, wanting so much to truly understand each other-Some very sweetly amusing scenes, Spock being who he would only be with Kirk.

Really fascinating scenes of life on Vulcan. An in-depth look at Vulcans generally and Spock's place as a Vulcan in particular. For instance, they attend an informal morning seminar, a gathering and sharing of topics. This was so interesting; this would be something Spock would have as a preferred pastime if he lived on Vulcan (obvious parallel with "church" or "morning meetings'). He "shocks" the gathering with his discourse on Beethovan's "passion" and "reckless abandon." comparing with a composer of the same time period on Vulcan.

We get a history of Spock, his young manhood before the Academy. We meet his old tutor-truly an eccentric for a Vulcan. Spock is at ease with him, and Sonil is helping them, especially Kirk, understand how they can overcome their estrangement, helping them understand their spontaneous, freely-chosen bond (as opposed to an arranged mating bond).

Often the author seems to stop at the beginning of their getting sexual and do a scene break, and then merely refers back to their lovemaking the next morning. She writes beautiful love scenes but stops short of explicit sex. I was feeling deprived, but finally, the third time, she didn't make us leave the bedroom right when things heated up.

Spock takes Kirk around places important to him, Gol, Mt. Seleya, Koon ut Kalifee. the Hall of Thoughts-this last was particularly fascinating! They talk about fal tor pon. etc. This story takes place during the time of the five-year mission, so most of these things will be in their future. This is a really great touch.

A wonderful exploration of the bond, and Kirk's experimenting with using it from his side in situations other than lovemaking. There is an exciting scene on Spock's clan's land with the to'omay'a fields {a fascinating crop) being threatened, with only Kirk and Spock there to save the day; and Kirk found himself able to use the bond.

A real pleasure to read. [2]


I really enjoy this established relationship story because it delved into the complexities of making a relationship work. Kirk and Spock are "bondmates" who are taking their shore leave on Vulcan for a couple of reasons like problems in their relationship, and Kirk wanting to know more about Spock by trying to understand what it means to be a Vulcan.

Right off the bat, I like how the writer sets the tone of the story with Spock taking charge for a change showing Kirk his home world. Through Spock, readers are taken to a world that is rich and vibrant. The best part though is the problem that Kirk and Spock are having in their relationship, working on their resolution, finally finding out what it means to have a bond between a human and a Vulcan, the (I have to use these words) cuddly, touchy-feely moments. Ifs a very rich and textured tale. Very real life like.

It is definitely an excellent, warm-feeling story. A must read. This is a second part to "The Road to Hell" by the same author. [3]


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