Such Small Hands

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Title: Such Small Hands
Author(s): cirque
Date(s): 04 May 2013
Length: 2020 words
Genre: backstory
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: Archived at AO3

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Such Small Hands[1] by cirque is a short story written in fulfilment of a request made by fawatson: Perhaps you could write a story about Kleopatra as a child, and her relationship with her mother (who clearly preferred son to daughter)?

The story was written as a pinch hit after the person originally assigned to write for the recipient was late in posting. This story is set in the first of Renault’s books about Alexander (Fire from Heaven), and shows Kleopatra at a time when Alexander is studying with Aristotle at Mieza. It illuminates Kleopatra’s relationship with both her parents, though particularly her mother; and shows her survival techniques and the beginnings of friendship with another child.

Comments on the story include:

  • I can see Kleopatra as never before. The Alexander Trilogy is so male dominated it is wonderful to learn something more about the women.[2]—fawatson


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