Stronger Than Faith

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Title: Stronger Than Faith
Publisher: DreamCatcher Press, Emprise Press
Author(s): Angela Field
Cover Artist(s):
Date(s): October 1995
Medium: print
Genre: gen
Fandom: SeaQuest
Language: English
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Stronger Than Faith is a 78-page gen SeaQuest double-novel by Angela Field.


From the Editorial

From the Moon Pool...

Well, this is the very first issue of the UNICORN series. Basically, these will be complete novellas, or a sequence of interconnecting stories set within one particular universe.

This one is set within the seaQuest universe and is part of an ongoing timeline co-created by Angela Field and myself. Using the characters from the first season only (mention not the second, I warn you...), the underlying premise is that O'Neill is an emerging empath (a Hatchling), and he shares a low-level psi link with Ortiz. In Angela's version, Tim and Miguel first met when they were about 11, in California, and have been friends ever since.

That's about all you need to know about the universe to enjoy the two stories in here. In all other matters, we follow first season canon. We use all the regular characters (although some of them haven't appeared in these stories because it wasn't appropriate), plus characters of Levin ("Give Me Liberte" and "Knight of Shadows") and Lieutenant Phillips (several of the first season episodes).

Other stories, both from myself and Angela, will be appearing in DSV #1 and #2 [1], plus another UNICORN by Angela called "Body and Soul" [2]. They will all hopefully be ready by the end of this year, beginning of the next.


  • Fetish ("During the Flower Festival on Hawaii, Tim is snatched by a serial killer who plans to sacrifice him to the spirit of King Kamehameha. His one hope of survival lies in the tenuous psi-bond he shares with Ortiz.")
  • Storm Damage ("Ortiz' plans to cheer Tim up with a short vacation go drastically wrong when a storm coincides with O'Neill's psi abilities flaring up out of his control.")


  1. ^ "DSV" is another zine that was never published.
  2. ^ "Body and Soul" was never published as a standalone zine.