Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge

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Name: Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge
Date(s): 2016 - 2017
Moderator(s): dailystrangerthings
Type: fan art, gifsets, fan edits
Fandom: Stranger Things
Associated Community:
URL: dailystrangerthings
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Stranger Things 7 Day Challenge, or Stranger Things Appreciation Week, was a fanweek challenge based on prompts, focused on creating fanworks for the Stranger Things fandom. Many types of fanworks were accepted including fan art, gifsets and fan edits. The fanweek was held once in 2016 and 2017, it was also expanded to Stranger Things Appreciation Month for December 2017.


Fan Week September 19 - 25, 2016

  • Day One: Favorite Character
  • Day Two: Favorite Episode
  • Day Three: Favorite OTP
  • Day Four: Favorite BROTP
  • Day Five: Favorite Quote(s)
  • Day Six: Favorite Quote(s)
  • Day Seven: Favorite Place

Fan Week August 13 - 19, 2017

  • Day One: A scene that surprised you
  • Day Two: Funniest moment
  • Day Three: A character that you miss
  • Day Four: Favorite song (from the soundtrack)
  • Day Five: A scene that made you cry
  • Day Six: A character you want to see more of in season 2
  • Day Seven: Favorite Personality
  • Bonus Day: Describe each character using one word

Fan Month December 1 - 30, 2017

  • Day One: Season one - favorite episode
  • Day Two: Season one - favorite scene
  • Day Three: Favorite character
  • Day Four: Season 2 - favorite episode
  • Day Five: Season 2 - favorite scene
  • Day Six: Both seasons - favorite quotes
  • Day Seven: Favorite female character
  • Day Eight: Favorite male character
  • Day Nine: Favorite otp
  • Day Ten: Favorite brotp
  • Day eleven: Season one - favorite quote(s)
  • Day twelve: Season two - favorite quote(s)
  • Day thirteen: Favorite location
  • Day fourteen: Season one - favorite outfit(s)
  • Day fiteen: Both seasons - favorite physical contact(s)
  • Day Sixteen: Season 2 - favorite outfit(s)
  • Day Seventeen: Both seasons - favorite parallels
  • Day eigthteen: Favorite headcanon/modern au (e.g. adult mike x eleven, married nancy x jonathan/steve, different quotes in a scene, future events, etc)
  • Day nineteen: Favorite hairstyle
  • Day twenty: Both seasons - favorite funny/happy scene(s)
  • Day twenty one: Both seasons - favorite sad/emotional scene(s)
  • Day twenty two: Favorite family dynamic
  • Day twenty three: Favorite villain/monster
  • Day twenty four: Free choice