Still Viced

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Title: Still Viced
Publisher: Brenda Cunningham
Date(s): 1990
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Miami Vice
Language: English
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Still Viced is a gen Miami Vice 50-page anthology. It was a one-shot fanzine, a bit lighter in tone than its sister zine, Gold Coast.

  • Brothers in Arms by Karen Howard — Castillo must deal with the news that Crockett is not dead but may have turned
  • Hello, Little Darlin' by Jane Steinmetz — It’s nearly Christmas and Sonny gets to play Santa for a pair of homeless teenagers
  • Travelin' Home by Shannon — Crockett is at loose ends after quitting his job so he goes on the road and invites Castillo along for company
  • D.C. Babysitting, Vice Style by Sharon Gates — When Castillo is called to Washington to testify at a trial, he is drawn into a kidnapping involving Lee Stetson and Amanda King. A Scarecrow and Mrs. King crossover
  • Caroline's Lament — a poem by Gretchen M. Cupp
  • Art by Connie Fryer