Still Amok

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K/S Fanfiction
Title: Still Amok
Author(s): jat sapphire
Date(s): 2003
Length: 9225 words
Genre: slash
Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
External Links: Still Amok at AO3

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Still Amok is a Kirk/Spock story by jat sapphire. It has a sequel called Coals of Fire.

It was published in the print zine Cyberdreams #1.


"After his aborted pon farr, Spock realizes he is being drawn to Kirk, who seems to be willing to do what must be done."

Reactions and Reviews

Okay, I'm not a Original Trek fan. I haven't been a TOS Trek fan since...geez, 1991, when I found The Professionals. But Still Amok and the sequel, Coals of Fire, both by Jane (aka jat_sapphire) are warmly charming reminders of why I got into slash in the first place. [1]
I’m not sure how this story makes me feel. I remember the first time I read it, being so glad that there was going to be a sequel. I wanted to know they would remain together, that Kirk’s actions were more than to save a friend. The story is in Spock’s POV, so I’m never sure, as Spock is never sure, what it is Kirk is offering. It’s beautifully written, but I have such a feeling of emptiness when I reach the end of the story. If that was the author’s intent, she managed it perfectly. [2]
This story and the sequel “Coals of Fire” which follows are a pair of very well written pieces which I thoroughly enjoyed. This one starts immediately after the end of the episode “Amok Time” when Kirk and Spock leave sickbay to go back to the bridge. It doesn’t take Kirk long to discover that Spock is still being affected by pon farr, and although not so seriously as before, the Vulcan’s condition could still ultimately cost him his life. The description of Spock’s deteriorating condition when he awakens the next morning is frightening and makes us realise that Spock is still very ill, especially when he almost collapses in the doorway of Kirk’s cabin. It is also significant that in this crisis, as in all others, Spock turns to Kirk for support and assistance, a tiny detail which is very important as is the fact that he and the doctor nearly have to carry Spock back to his own quarters which is all too telling of his deteriorating condition. Kirk’s concern for Spock and wish to help is well described especially after McCoy provides him with some research on the subject obviously anticipating what Kirk will ultimately decide to do. At first Kirk doesn’t realise who it is that Spock is drawn to, and tries to think of a suitable female who could help his friend but that idea quickly gets scuppered when he does realise (with a little help from McCoy) who it is Spock actually desires. His reactions are well described and of course he finally does what is necessary, although rather reluctantly, as he is still concerned about how this will affect his professional relationship with Spock and his concern about this new factor in their relationship is well depicted. At the end of the day, Spock’s deteriorating condition leaves him with no choice, especially when McCoy asks Spock what he wants to do, and he tells them he would “choose to live”. Their actual encounter itself is nicely described as are their reactions afterwards, as they both try to forget what happened and get on with shipboard life as usual, something which Kirk in particular finds rather difficult. [3]
―Still Amok‖ is a TOS story told from Spock's POV and as the name suggests, takes place right after the episode Amok Time. Spock realises he's not out of the fire yet, just that the kal-if-fee has temporarily cooled the flames.

Bones and Jim know it too, as this small snippet of a conversation that Spock overhears attests - the question is, what are they going to do to help him?

[long, long bit of dialogue snipped]

I really love this story because Jat writes three- dimensional, complex characters where no answer is simple, where they all know that every action has a consequence and that what is happening to Spock and how they deal with it is going to change them all - change the dynamics between them - no matter what. Kirk, Spock and McCoy are all true to the characters of the episodes: Spock, reticent, private, knowing what he wants - what he needs; Kirk, resisting being pushed into a corner, continually seeking alternatives, refusing to believe in a no-win scenario; and Bones, supporting them both, forcing them to face the issues head on and deal with it. The wonderful thing is that the author decided not to end it there, and went on to write a long, six-part story set in the immediate aftermath of Still Amok, called Coals of Fire which details what happened when the ship finally got to Altair VI, the Enterprise's destination that was interrupted in the episode by Spock's condition.

The 'pon farr' trope is one of my favourites, and Still Amok is an excellent treatment of it. At just under 10,000 words, it's well worth the read! [4]
Pon Farr stories are certainly a cliche in Kirk/Spock slash, but when done well they can be an interesting expansion of what was shown in the actual episode. "Still Amok" follows the infamous "Amok Time" episode - Kirk and Spock are back safely on the Enterprise, T'Pring has been foiled, but is Spock's Pon Farr really over? It's a realistic view of how Spock, and Kirk, might react to circumstances beyond their control. [5]
Her stuff was some of the first I ran into when first discovering K/S. They're still some of the best. [6]
I re-read these today and they made me happy all over again. Jat's always been a great story-teller, both in ST and SH. [7]


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