Sticks and Snark

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Journal Community
Name: Sticks and Snark
Date(s): Feb 2007 - present
Moderator: siriaeve
Founder: fairestcat and trinityofone
Type: Thing-a-Thon
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
URL: Sticks and Snark on LJ

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Sticks and Snark is an annual Teyla/Rodney Thing-a-Thon. It is an exchange challenge which accepts entries in all kinds of fannish media—fic, fanart, icons, and vids. Fic entries must be at least 1000 words in length, and icon batches must contain at least 10 icons. There are no restrictions on size or length for art or vid submissions. The challenge was established by Fairestcat and Trinityofone in 2007. Since 2008, it has been run by Siriaeve.


The inaugural round of the challenge was the most prolific one, with fifty entries. The majority—36—were fanfic. Thirteen pieces of art were also submitted, and one collection of icons. A masterlist for this round can be found here.


Twenty-five entries were created for the 2008 round. Nineteen of these were fanfic, two were collections of icons, and four were artworks. The masterlist for this round can be found here.


Twenty entries were created for the 2009 round. Of these, fifteen were fanfic. There were also three pieces of art, a collection of icons, and a vid. This round's masterlist can be found here.


The 2010 round resulted in more than 100,000 words of fiction and fourteen separate stories. There was also one piece of artwork submitted for the challenge. A masterlist for the 2010 round can be found here.