Staverton, Hollywood

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Title: Staverton, Hollywood
Author(s): amoama
Date(s): 2 May 2014
Length: 5560 words
Fandom: Mary Renault
External Links: in AO3

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"Staverton, Hollywood" is a short story by amoama based on Mary Renault's 1953 novel The Charioteer. It takes place sometime in the fall of 1940 before Bim Taylor is shot down.


Hazell, now a Hollywood actor, has been sent to the airfield by the studio to research the pilots for his next part, in which he will play a flight lieutenant in the RAF. He immediately latches onto Bim as the perfect role model.


"Staverton, Hollywood" was written as a gift for Makioka in the 2014 Renault Exchange.


Comments on the story include the following:

  • "This is amazing. I'm stupified by how much you've crammed in - so much razor sharp insight and perfect spot-on character work for both Bim and Hazell. [...] Amongst the things I especially loved, and that I think worked so well, was the incredibly deft way you handled Hazell's religion. It's one of the most interesting and unique character beats of the book for me, and you got it perfectly here [...] And then Bim - all the bright, burning glory-flame of him, shining so hard, and crumbling away, not because of Hazell but just because of what he is, and it fits perfectly with that brittle Bim of the book, the dichotomy between him as an entertainer and actor in his own way, performing a perfect part, and then this hard core of heroism." — comment by Makioka
  • "I loved your insights into Hazell here, and the way that he comes across as sympathetic while remaining a very complex figure. Your handling of his Catholicism was particularly impressive because religion is often ignored or treated very simplistically in fanfic, but his complicated relationship with his faith felt very real to me." — comment by Naraht